Thursday, November 15, 2012

My first trip to the Blue River, Oklahoma 11-10-12

The catch and release zone of the Blue River

I only recently learned of the Blue River from a friend of mine that lives in the Tulsa area. I was very intrigued, because "The Lady Blue" as those that love this river call it. Is only 100 miles from my driveway here in Denton,TX. The prospect of being able to chase trout so close to home got my blood pumping!  A little bit of research and I learned that it's only a Fall and Winter designated trout fishery with Rainbow Trout being stocked between November 1st  and March 31st. However, it is home to scrappy Smallmouth,Spotted Bass, Largemouth, Crappie, Catfish, and various panfish all year round. 

I had a difficult time finding any detailed information about fly fishing the Blue. Oh sure, there is a lot of general information. What flies work well, where you can find lodging etc, but I was looking for more specifics about where I could access the river. Where the catch and release section that people kept talking about was.How do I get  to the catch and release section of the river? Specifics like those I was unable to find easily. There just isn't a lot of helpful information readily available for a first timer to the Blue.

The Blue River Oklahoma webpage provides some good general information, but doesn't have any maps, and seems to be geared more towards someone familiar with the area.
For example, in the camping tab the descriptions of the camping areas are extremely vague. Like where it talks about camping area #1. "Area 1 runs downstream from Hughes Crossing and is one mile long"  If you have no idea where "Hughes Crossing" is, that's not much help. 

I found the most helpful information in a Yahoo group called The Blue River Fly Fishers     It is a closed group, and you have to have a Yahoo account to join. I had to dig a little to find them, but it was well worth it! The members there are very helpful and knowledgeable about fly fishing the Blue. They provided me with three maps, and gave me detailed instructions on how to get down to the river. They also answered my question about where the catch and release section is, and how to get to it. I learned from them that the river had been stocked with Rainbow Trout on 11/5 and 11/7 in anticipation of the "Trout Derby" going on Veterans Day weekend. 

I would have preferred to be able to find the information I was after just posted somewhere instead of having to post a question and wait for answers. Maybe I've become spoiled by the great webpages and forums chocked full of info that some of the other places that I fish have written about them.
In the end though, I found what I needed, and was excited about my first trip to the Blue!                          

So, with an excellent weather forecast for Veterans Day weekend. I made my way North on Hwy 377 Friday after work. The Blue River is located just North of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Here are the exact coordinates From Google maps to the parking areas of the river that you can use with your GPS.   34.361915,-96.588753  Direct link to Google maps page here 

A few things I learned: 

If you plan on staying overnight. The choices are limited. I ended up staying at the Western Inn just off of 377 in Tishomongo. It wasn't fancy, but served the purpose, and was cheap at $65.83 including tax. 

There is no local fly shop. So, you need to hit your home fly shop before you head toward the Blue if you need to stock up on flies leaders etc.   

If you need to buy an Oklahoma fishing license the only place in Tishomongo that you can get one is the lumber yard. They don't open until 8 AM on Saturdays. So, my bright and early start on Saturday was delayed about an hour. I had to drive 13 miles back to Madill Oklahoma to buy one at Wal-Mart. If you're coming from DFW I recommend stopping in Madill on your way to Tishomongo and buying yours if you need one. Or just buy one on online. I'm cheap so I wasn't willing to pay the three bucks they charge you to buy one online. So, instead I ended up spending probably ten dollars in gas driving back to Madill Saturday morning! So, after this little side adventure I was finally headed to the river!

Finally on to the fishing!

My destination was the catch and release section of the river. I had learned as I mentioned earlier that there was a trout derby going on. I didn't want my first trip to the Blue to be during a crowded trout derby. So, since the derby was not being held in the catch and release area that's where I headed. Coming out of Tishomongo on 377 North you take a right on Hwy 7 East. The first parking area you come to is on your left, and is referred to as "The West Parking Corral".    

 From the West Parking Corral there is a trail that leads to the catch and release section of the Blue River.Indicated in red on the map above. The trail is wide,mowed, and very easy walking. It's 1.7 miles from the parking corral to the river. So, it's a good 30-45 minute hike depending on how fast you walk. The trail "Y's" three times. You need to take the right fork the first time, the left fork the second time, which thankfully, there is a sign pictured below. Then left again at the final "Y"
 The catch and release zone is very easy wading and at very wide section of the river. 

I met a fellow fly fisherman on the trail and he told me that all of the trout stocking had been done below the catch and release zone for the trout derby. He also told me that the catch and release hadn't been stocked for quite a while. I can confirm this, because I fished the catch an release zone from 8 am until 2 pm, and never saw a trout.  I did catch almost three dozen spotted bass however. Which was great fun! 


 I caught the first half dozen bass on a beadhead olive flashback wooly bugger with sparkle chenille size 12. I had  unbelievable success though on an olive Near Deere tied on a 1/80 oz. jig hook. I have heard that the Near Deere is deadly on trout, but have yet to have chance to try it. I can report however that bass go nuts for it! There was a point where everytime I cast this fly a fish took it. Even when I just flipped my line out to side to take a step or reposition I got strikes! 

Although I was slightly disappointed in not getting to catch any rainbows I still had a great time. I plan on returning to the Blue River soon, and fishing some of the other sections of the river. One of the great guys from Blue River Fly Fishers sent me this awesome map below the other day. It details the different sections,parking, and trails along the Blue.I wish I would have had it with me on this trip! So I'm posting it here for my readers. Feel free to save and print this map.

 Fly selection for the Blue River

I had success on a Olive Wooly Bugger and an Olive Near Deere.

Other flies that work well according to the Blue River Fly Fishers

#16 Beadhead Hares Ear Dead drift under Strike Out indicator
#16 Elk Hair Caddis March - When Caddis drys are hatching
Bead Head Zug Bug January
Bead head squirrel early spring
Flash Back-Pheasant Tail-Bead Head all season
Olive Damsel Marabou with red glass bead thorax last half of last season
Olive Flashback Nymph March
Olive Mohair Conehead Mini Leech February

Prince Nymph-Bead Head Winter, especially good Jan & Feb

 I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope to post another report from the Blue soon!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Texas Parks and Wildlife 2012-2013 Trout Stocking Schedule is posted!

Get your gear ready, and tie some flies my friends! Texas Parks and Wildlife has posted their stocking schedule for Rainbow Trout! Below, you can find the locations,number of trout they expect to stock,and the dates they will be stocking. Here also is a direct link to the TPW webpage  

With over 270,000 Rainbows being stocked this winter Texans can look forward to having a blast catching some beautiful Rainbows without having to travel out of state  to do it! I will be hitting the locations around DFW as they are stocked and posting reports here. So, check back often.Of course the spot that REALLY gets my blood pumping is the Possum Kingdom tailrace with 9,000 Rainbows expected to be stocked there this winter!

I hope you're as excited as I am!

Tight lines!


Stocking Location City Total Dates Hatchery
Ablon Park Pond [Directions] Garland 2,860 Jan 3 2013, Feb 21 2013 TFFC
American Legion Park Pond [Directions] Missouri City 2,000 Jan 3 2013 ETFH
Arena Park Pond [Directions] Marshall 2,000 Dec 19 2012, Feb 17 2013 TFFC
Ascarate [Directions] El Paso 6,000 Dec 12 2012, Jan 9 2013, Feb 26 2013 AEW
Bandera City Park Lake [Directions] Bandera 1,000 Dec 9 2012 AEW
Bane Park Lake [Directions] Houston 2,000 Jan 20 2013 ETFH
Bates Allen Park 2 [Directions] Rosenberg 875 Dec 11 2012, Jan 9 2013 ETFH
Beal Park Lake Midland 1,150 Jan 18 2012 PK
Bear Creek Park [Directions] Keller 3,100 Jan 20 2013, Feb 24 2013 PK
Bethany Park Pond C [Directions] Allen 1,700 Dec 4 2012 TFFC
Blanco State Park #4 [Directions] Blanco 4,000 Dec 7 2012, Dec 28 2012, Jan 18 2013, Feb 15 2013 AEW
Blue Hole Park Lake [Directions] Georgetown 1,250 Jan 11 2013 AEW
Blue Ridge Park Pond [Directions] Missouri City 500 Jan 9 2013 ETFH
Bob Sandlin State Park [Directions] Mt. Pleasant 2,700 Dec 20 2012, Jan 27 2013, Feb 22 2013 TFFC
Brackenridge Park [Directions] San Antonio 1,850 Jan 8 2013, Feb 13 2013 AEW
Breshears Lake Levelland 750 Dec 5 2012 PK
Buena Vista Park Lake * [Directions] Waco 1,896 Nov 30 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March AEW
Buescher State Park [Directions] Smithville 2,000 Dec 21 2012, Jan 22 2013 AEW
Bullfrog Pond * [Directions] Austin 896 Nov 30 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March AEW
Burke-Crenshaw Lake [Directions] Pasadena 500 Jan 17 2013 ETFH
Burroughs Park [Directions] Conroe 2,000 Jan 20 2013 ETFH
C. J. Kelly Park Pond Midland 1,150 Dec 11 2012, Jan 9 2013 PK
Canyon Southeast Park Lake [Directions] Canyon 1,350 Dec 6 2012 PK
Canyon Tailrace [Directions] New Braunfels 20,997 Dec 7 2012, Dec 14 2012, Dec 21 2012, Dec 28 2012, Jan 4 2013, Jan 11 2013, Jan 18 2013, Jan 25 2013 AEW
Carl Barton Jr. Park Pond [Directions] Conroe 2,000 Jan 10 2013 ETFH
Caudle Hale Center 1,350 Dec 5 2012 PK
Cedar Hill State Park Perch Pond [Directions] Cedar Hill 1,200 Jan 8 2013 TFFC
Centennial Park Lake [Directions] Friendswood 500 Feb 7 2013 ETFH
Central Park Pond #1 * [Directions] College Station 1,792 Nov 30 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March AEW
Claiborne West Park [Directions] Beaumont 1,000 Jan 9 2013, Feb 7 2013 ETFH
Cleburne-Hulen Park [Directions] Cleburne 1,800 Dec 12 2012, Jan 17 2013 AEW
Comanche Trails Park Odessa 6,000 Dec 18 2012, Jan 15 2013, Feb 10 2013 PK
Comanche Trails [Directions] Big Spring 5,000 Dec 11 2012, Jan 17 2013, Feb 6 2013 PK
Community Park Pond [Directions] Prosper 3,550 Feb 10 2013 TFFC
Copperas Cove City [Directions] Copperas Cove 1,400 Feb 24 2013 AEW
Crane County Pond Crane 750 Jan 8 2013 PK
Dimmit City Lake Dimmit 500 Jan 14 2013 PK
Doornbos Park Nederland 500 Feb 17 2013 ETFH
Eisenhower Park Pond [Directions] Houston 2,000 Jan 4 2013 ETFH
Elder Lake [Directions] Kilgore 3,000 Dec 20 2012 TFFC
Eldridge Park Pond [Directions] Sugar Land 500 Jan 30 2013 ETFH
Elm Creek Buffalo Wallow [Directions] Abilene 476 Dec 12 2012 PK
Faulkner Park Lake [Directions] Tyler 2,130 Dec 13 2012 TFFC
First Capitol Park Pond [Directions] West Columbia 500 Dec 20 2012 ETFH
Fort Boggy State Park [Directions] Centerville 1,000 Jan 22 2013 ETFH
Fort Richardson State Park [Directions] Jacksboro 2,930 Dec 4 2012, Dec 16 2012, Jan 13 2013, Feb 17 2013 PK
Frisco Commons Pond [Directions] Frisco 3,150 Feb 10 2013 TFFC
Garner State Park (Frio River) [Directions] Leakey 2,200 Jan 2 2013, Jan 23 2013 AEW
Glen Rose Town Lake [Directions] Glen Rose 2,000 Dec 5 2012, Jan 3 2013 PK
Greenbriar Park * [Directions] Fort Worth 1,896 Nov 29 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March TFFC
Guadalupe River

See Canyon Tailrace
Harlingen Sports Complex [Directions] Harlingen 1,000 Jan 31 2013 AEW
Heritage Park Lake [Directions] Mt. Pleasant 1,000 Dec 19 2012 TFFC
Herman Brown Park Pond Houston 500 Feb 6 2013 ETFH
Hubbard City #2 Hubbard 500 Dec 20 2012 TFFC
Hurst Chisholm Park * [Directions] Hurst 1,896 Nov 29 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March TFFC
Jasper City Park Pond [Directions] Jasper 1,800 Jan 21 2013 ETFH
Javalina Draw [Directions] San Angelo 800 Dec 3 2012, Feb 7 2013 PK
Johnson Branch 2 [Directions] Sanger 1,000 Dec 16 2012 TFFC
Keneteso Pond [Directions] Gainesville 3,250 Jan 13 2013 TFFC
Kennedale City Park [Directions] Kennedale 1,700 Jan 16 2013 TFFC
Kidd Springs Park [Directions] Dallas 3,500 Jan 29 2013 TFFC
Kitty Hollow Lake [Directions] Missouri City 875 Jan 9 2013 ETFH
L.B.J. State Park Fredericksburg 533 Dec 14 2012 AEW
LNVA Barrier Pond [Directions] Beaumont 4,000 Dec 18 2012, Jan 16 2013 ETFH
Lake Corpus Christi [Directions] Mathis 1,375 Jan 27 2013 AEW
Lakeside Park * [Directions] Duncanville 1,896 Nov 29 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March TFFC
Lakeside Park Pond Nacogdoches 769 Jan 21 2013 ETFH
Lamesa 9th Street Park Lake [Directions] Lamesa 4,500 Dec 4 2012, Feb 6 2013 PK
Landmark Inn State Historic Site [Directions] Castroville 1,000 Jan 27 2013 AEW
Lewisville Tailrace (Elm Fork Trinity River) [Directions] Lewisville 4,106 Dec 14 2012, Jan 11 2013, Mar 1 2013 TFFC
Live Oak City [Directions] San Antonio 400 Dec 8 2012 AEW
Llano River (Grenwelge Park) Llano 800 Jan 15 2013 AEW
Lobo Lake Levelland 750 Dec 5 2012 PK
Lost Maples State Park - Lower [Directions] Vanderpool 300 Jan 15 2013 AEW
Louise Hays Park [Directions] Kerrville 2,200 Dec 11 2012, Jan 23 2013 AEW
Magnolia Ridge Pond Woodville 1,800 Dec 12 2012 ETFH
Mary Jo Peckham Park * [Directions] Houston 3,160 Nov 30 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March ETFH
Medical Center South * [Directions] Amarillo 4,424 Nov 29 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March PK
Meridian State Park [Directions] Meridian 2,000 Jan 9 2013 AEW
Mesquite City Lake * [Directions] Mesquite 3,160 Nov 29 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March TFFC
Mike Lewis Park [Directions] Grand Prairie 3,300 Feb 7 2013, Mar 3 2013 PK
Miller Park Pond Temple 900 Dec 12 2012 AEW
Miller's Pond * [Directions] San Antonio 3,792 Nov 30 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March AEW
Mission Tejas State Park Crockett 500 Dec 20 2012 ETFH
Monahans Perch Pond [Directions] Monahans 1,500 Dec 5 2012, Jan 8 2013 PK
Nelson Park Abilene 1,500 Dec 12 2012 PK
New Horseshoe [Directions] Rosenberg 2,000 Jan 8 2013 ETFH
Nolan Creek [Directions] Belton 2,000 Jan 4 2013, Feb 16 2013 AEW
Northwest Park Pond [Directions] Irving 1,500 Jan 2 2013, Feb 3 2013 TFFC
Oakes Street * [Directions] San Angelo 2,656 Nov 29 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March PK
Pair-a-Trees Pond [Directions] Wills Point 500 Feb 24 2013 TFFC
Palmetto State Park [Directions] Luling 574 Jan 13 2013 AEW
Pampa City [Directions] Pampa City 2,066 Dec 6 2012, Feb 21 2013 PK
Pena Colorado Marathon 500 Dec 19 2012 PK
Penick Park Pond White Oak 1,000 Dec 20 2012, Jan 23 2013 TFFC
Pittsburg City Lake [Directions] Pittsburg 2,000 Dec 20 2012, Feb 24 2013 TFFC
Plum Lake [Directions] Wichita Falls 795 Mar 3 2013 PK
Possum Kingdom Tailrace [Directions] Graford 9,000 Dec 6 2012, Dec 20 2012, Jan 3 2013, Jan 23 2013, Feb 13 2013 PK
Resoft Park Lake [Directions] Alvin 500 Dec 6 2012 AEW
Richards Park - Upper [Directions] Brady 1,084 Dec 19 2012 PK
Rita Blanca Kids Fishing Pond [Directions] Dalhart 3,160 Dec 11 2012, Feb 12 2013 PK
River Park (Clear Fork Trinity River) [Directions] Fort Worth 2,700 Jan 3 2013 PK
Rose Park [Directions] Mansfield 1,200 Dec 5 2012 PK
San Gabriel Park [Directions] Georgetown 1,250 Dec 8 2012 AEW
Seabourne Creek Park Rosenberg 1,200 Feb 24 2013 ETFH
Sheldon State Park Children's #1 Houston 1,000 Jan 8 2013 ETFH
South Lakes Park Pond * [Directions] Denton 2,400 Nov 29 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March TFFC
South Llano River State Park [Directions] Junction 1,878 Dec 11 2012, Jan 30 2013 AEW
South Weeks * [Directions] Wichita Falls 896 Nov 29 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March PK
Southside Lions Park * [Directions] San Antonio 4,744 Nov 30 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March AEW
Spring Lake Park [Directions] Texarkana 4,150 Dec 19 2012, Jan 24 2013 TFFC
Springfield [Directions] Mexia 1,000 Jan 27 2013 AEW
Sulphur Springs City Park [Directions] Sulphur Springs 1,500 Feb 3 2013 TFFC
TFFC Casting Pond (Lake Zebco 2) [Directions] Athens 5,000 Nov 30 2012 TFFC
Teague Park [Directions] Longview 2,500 Feb 10 2013 TFFC
Theo (Caprock Canyon) [Directions] Amarillo 2,000 Dec 17 2012, Feb 5 2013 PK
Tom Bass I * [Directions] Houston 896 Nov 30 2012 and continuing every two weeks until March ETFH
Tom Bass III [Directions] Houston 1,778 Jan 3 2013 ETFH
Towne Lake [Directions] McKinney 4,020 Feb 24 2013 TFFC
Trinity Park (Clear Fork Trinity River) [Directions] Fort Worth 2,700 Jan 2 2013 PK
Two - Acre Lake [Directions] Canton 2,852 Feb 10 2013 TFFC
Tyler Nature Center [Directions] Tyler 2,000 Call for Special Event dates and times (1-903-566-1615) TFFC
Tyler State Park [Directions] Tyler 4,000 Dec 6 2012, Feb 6 2013 TFFC
Utopia Park Lake [Directions] Utopia 750 Feb 12 2013 AEW
WM Brook Park Lampasas 500 Dec 2 2012 AEW
Waldron Park Corpus Christi 500 Jan 22 2013 AEW
Waterloo Park Pond [Directions] Denison 6,800 Dec 14 2012, Jan 6 2013, Jan 20 2013, Feb 10 2013 TFFC
West Guth Park Corpus Christi 500 Jan 23 2013 AEW
Woldert Park Pond [Directions] Tyler 1,500 Dec 13 2012 TFFC
Wyatt Pond [Directions] Mineola 750 Feb 3 2013 TFFC
Total to be Stocked 272,433

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why I fly fish

Henry Winkler said it best when he said,  "The River is like a washing machine for my brain."   

That sums up why I fly fish in a nutshell. I started fly fishing in 1999. However, I didn't really get heavily into it until 2001-2002. I was going through a nasty divorce at the time with the mother of my two kids. She played all of the dirty tricks that heartless, immature women play in this situation.  She kept the kids from me when it was my time to visit them. She told the kids that I was a bad man, and that  "Daddy didn't love them anymore." You name it, she did it. So, I was constantly in court trying to fight for my visitation rights and to stay in their lives.

The only time that it wasn't on my mind 24/7  eating me alive. Was when I was on the water with my line tight. So, when it wasn't my weekend. I'd go fly fishing. When it was supposed to be my weekend and I couldn't get them for visitation. I'd especially go fly fishing. Needless to say, I kept the road hot between my home in Plano,TX and the Lower Mountain Fork River in Oklahoma.

I've tried to explain to many people the peace that fly fishing gives me. The just complete inner and outer calm that comes over me. It's hard to convey in words. I will say that if I hadn't discovered it right before such a difficult time in my life. I truly don't know if I would have made it though that awful period with my sanity intact. 

I've never felt closer to nature or God then when I'm in the river. No church experience has ever come close. Just being waist deep in the river. Feeling the power of the water moving against me. Having a fish hooked up, feeling it's strength as it fights to free itself. These are the things that I've tried and failed to explain to people when they ask me the question,"so why do you fly fish?"  Some still just can't understand that those Rainbows and Browns were and still are the only therapists I need.  

It was during one of my frequent trips to the Lower Mountain River during that difficult time. That I was just struck by a sudden and strong feeling that everything was going to be alright. I was fishing pretty far down into Zone 2 of the river watching two Crane fight over a smallish trout one had caught. When a light rain began to fall. It was there standing waist deep in the water. Watching that light rain pepper the surface of the water. When I knew that everything regarding my kids would be ok.

I'm happy to report that everything did in fact work itself out. To some degree at least. My son actually lives with myself and my new wife. Who is nothing short of an angel from heaven. He is 13 now. A straight "A's" honors student, and a three sport athlete. Baseball,football, and basketball. I say that things worked out to some degree, because my and my daughters relationship was forever damaged by my ex-wife's attempts at brainwashing and alienation from me. I see her now at least, but visits are spotty. I chalk some of that up to the fact she's a 15 year old too.

So, when stress at work gets to be too much. Or, I just need a "therapy session" I grab a fly rod and head to the water. Anyway..........that's "why I fly fish", and why I named this blog "Cast Your Cares Away", because that's literally what I feel like I do.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lower Mountain Fork River/Beavers Bend State Park Fly Selection Guide

I found this posted on the Beavers Bend Fly Shop Forum, and thought it was too valuable not to share here. If you're planning a trip to the Lower Mountain Fork River in Southeastern Oklahoma, this is essential information. I have it as a Word document as well, and if you contact me at  I'll be more than happy to email this list to you.  

This, along with A First Timer's Guide to the Lower Mountain Fork River by Untamed Outdoors, and you'll be set for your trip!                  

         Lower Mountain Fork River Fly Selection Guide

Near Deere

Bead Head Pheasant Tails (Size: 14-18)
Hares Ear (Size: 14-18)
Orange Soft Hackles (Size: 16-18)
Red Hackles (Size: 16-18)
Bead Headed Wollybuggers (Colors: Olive, White, Black, Rust) (Size: 10-20, I like Big WB’S)
Black Midges (Size: 12-22)
Red Midges (Size: 12-22)
Blue Winged Olive (Size:16-22)
Sulpher (Size: )
Cahill (Size: 18-22)
San Juan Worm

Patterns more specific to the season, hatches etc:


Hatches: Baetis, Blue Winged Olive, Light Cahill, Midge
Flies to use: Pheasant tails, Red Fox Squirrel, San Juan worm, Egg Patterns, Griffiths Gnat, Adult Caddis, Emergers


Hatches: Mayflies, Midges, March Brown

Flies to use: March Browns, Bead Headed Black and Red Midges (size 12-14), San Juan worms, egg patterns, Griffiths gnat, CDC, Emerger Patterns, Soft hackle


Hatches: Blue winged Olive, Midges

Wet Flies to use:
Soft Hackle, Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails, Egg patterns, Red Fox squirrels, crane fly 
Dry Flies to use: Griffiths Gnats, Hares Ears, March Brown (mayfly), Blue Winged Olive (mayfly)
Flies to use: Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams, Thread Midges, and Caddis Pupae Flies, Soft Hackles, Midges, Hares ears, Pheasant tails, Prince nymphs


Hatches: Flying Ants, Caddis, Mayflies, Crane flies, Midges

Flies to use: Red Soft Hackle, Elk Hair Caddis, Midges, Ants,


Hatches: Baetis, Beetles ,Blue Winged Olive, Brown Caddis, March Brown ,Tan Caddis

Wet flies (nymphs) to use: Cream Colored Soft Hackles, Nymphs, Adam Parachutes 12-16, Hare's ear Nymphs, Elk hair caddis

Dry flies to use: CDC Caddis and CDC Mayfly Emergers, EHC, Adam Parachutes


Hatches: Mayfly, PMD's, Sulphurs
Flies to use: Grasshoppers, Ants, Midges, Mayflies, Caddis


Hatches: Mayflies, Midges
Flies to use: Copper Johns, Griffiths Gnats, EHC, Ants, Griffiths Gnats, Soft Hackles, Hoppers, Soft Hackles


Hatches: Midge, Hexagenia, Caddis, Mayflies, Mosquitoes
Dry Flies: Caddis and Mayflies (including dry, emergers, and cripples)
Flies to use: Soft Hackles, Midges, Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, Small Mayfly Imitations, Caddis Pupae, Emergers


Hatches: PMD/s, BWO's Yellow Sally, Grass Hoppers and Katy-Dids, Hexagenia Mayflies

Wet flies (nymphs) to use: Green Bead Head Caddis Nymph imitations in about size 14-16, Egg patterns, San Juan Worm, Various Soft Hackles, Light Cahill, Grasshopper, Ant, Hex Nymph

Dry flies to use: Stimulators on a size 10 hook, Elk hair Caddis, Hex


Hatches: Caddis, Grey Mayflies, Blue Quills Blue Winged Olives Midges, Sulfurs

Flies to use: Miracle Midge, Zebra Midge, Egg Patterns, San Juan Worm


Hatches: Small Tan Caddis, Small Black Caddis, Midges

Flies to use: Thread Midges, Caddis Emergers, spiders, Copper John, Egg Patterns, San Juan Worms


Hatches: Black Caddis, Blue Winged Olives (mayfly) and Midges.

Flies to use: Emergers, Caddis, Mayfly, Midges, Egg patterns
Dry flies to use: Griffiths Gnat, Blue Winged Olive, Black Caddis

I hope you've found this useful,

Tight Lines!